STC30 Price in Various Countries

STC30 Price Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the price of STC30 has risen slightly higher than the figures given in this article. While we believe that the price will come back down after the pandemic, for now expect to pay between 30-50 percent higher than the figures given in this article.

STC30 is a relatively new health supplement that is sold in packets, each packet containing 15 sachets of the medication with each sachet containing the supplement in powder form. This is meant to be taken one per day for at least a month (or two per day depending on the severity of the illness being treated).

The normal retail price of Superlife STC30 in Nigeria usually ranges between N23,000 naira to N30,000 naira per packet of the stem cell powder.

This is approximately equivalent to between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet at today’s exchange rate for US Dollars from Google.

Because the recommended starter or minimum dosage for the supplement is to take it daily for at least one month, some sellers sell the full dosage for one month which is equivalent to 30 sachets or two packets (remember that each packet contains fifteen sachets).

In such a case, the prices you will find may be double what is listed above. Therefore in Nigeria, the cost of two packets would lie anywhere between N46,000 to N60,000 (i.e between US$126.9 to US165.5)

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The variance in price depends on the seller who has the freedom to decide on how much extra to add on top the official price that they buy it from the company or a member of the company’s network marketing MLM program.

Members of the Superlife MLM program usually get to buy it direct from the company for a lower cost (wholesale distributor’s price) and then depending on how much profit they are interested in making, they add the extra amount on top.

So if you plan to repeatedly buy STC30 (more than once) then it is highly advised that you join the company as a network member so that you can be buying directly from the company at the distributor’s bulk wholesale price which is much lower than the retail prices listed on this page.

Another thing that could make the price vary is the presence or absence of shipping fees.

One more thing to note is that if buying online or from someone faraway from you, there is often times an additional extra cost charged by the seller to cover for sending or shipping. This can serve to increase the total price for STC30 that you end up paying.


Prices of STC30 Per Country – Things to Note

Before we list out the estimated STC30 Superlife prices in some of the countries where it is sold, here are a few things you should note in addition to the explanations given above:

  • The STC30 stem cell powder prices given below are based on conversion of the US dollar amount given in the previous section. This conversion is based on the rates as at the time of updating this article. To get the current rates you can do the conversion yourself by going to Google and typing [the dollar amount] USD to your [currency]. For example if you are in Nigeria, to get the current estimate in your currency (Naira) go to google and type 63.45 USD to Naira to get the lower bound of the price range. Do the same to get the upper bound of the range, i.e search Google for: 82.75 USD to Naira.
  • The prices given below may vary slightly from the actual price that you will get it in your country. This is mainly due to the various factors mentioned in the previous section but typically, the price should fall within the range given. If you will like to be more up to date, you can use the method described above to do the conversion and get the estimated price for your country according to the current exchange rates.


Superlife STC30 Price List (Per Packet)

The prices listed below are calculated based on an estimate of between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet


Superlife Stc30 Price In Nigeria

The price of STC30 in Nigeria ranges from between N23,000 to N30,000 for a packet of 15 sachets.

Nigeria currently has the largest number of STC30 sellers and users in West Africa and these numbers are increasing explosively in a geometrical progression by the day. One enabling factor to the fast growth is the massive population of the country which is the most populated in the whole of Africa at an estimated 180 Million.

In Nigeria, STC30 can easily be obtained from online sellers via the Jumia or Konga platform. Just like in other countries, the supplement can also be bought from people who get it directly from the Superlife World company. These people are usually members of the company’s MLM network or linked to those who are members.

The cost of STC30 in Nigeria is influenced greatly by the person selling and the source through which it is obtained whether direct from the company or as a reseller buying from a member.

The state or city where the seller resides also comes into play at times. For example sellers in Benin (Edo state), Warri (Delta State), Bayelsa, Port harcourt (Rivers), Ibadan (Oyo state), Abuja, OWerri (Imo), Kaduna or Lagos state may all have different average prices for the product. But STC30 in Abuja tends to be the most expensive.

A word of caution though especially for Nigerian buyers is to beware of scammers and those selling fake products. These ones are not so difficult to spot though as they tend to list very low prices (far lower than the cost price). Some will also offer you mouthwatering deals like 50% off and so on.

Bear in mind that the product has a cost price of around 18,000 if you are buying directly from the company as a member and sellers are usually expected to add a few thousand naira on top this cost price. This becomes their profit. So be wary of anybody online in Nigeria who is offering anything below N20,000.

Buying Genuine STC30 in Nigeria

As a service to our loyal readers, we hereby present you with a link to genuine sellers on Konga. You can buy from them without any fear through the following link: CLICK HERE

We are also working to compile a list of reliable sellers of STC30 in Nigeria and we shall be posting that information soon on this website. But before then if you want to buy genuine STC30 at a fair price in Nigeria you can use the Konga link given above.


STC30 Price In Kenya

The price of Superlife STC30 in Kenya lies between 6,385 KSh to 8,326 KSh per packet of 15 sachets.

This is according to our estimated dollar conversions.

However, there are those selling online in stores like Jumia or in big cities like Nairobi or other cities in the hinterland of Kenya like Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru etc who sell it for an even higher price, sometimes even as high as 8,500 KSh per packet or maybe more. Like in most other countries, the cost of the STC30 supplement is dependent on the seller and their location.

Superlife STC30 has seen a lot of growth in Kenya from where the business has spread to other East African countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania and is still gradually spreading and rising in popularity to other East African states.


Superlife STC30 Price In South Africa

The price of STC30 in South Africa lies between 900 Rand to 1,175 Rand per packet on the average.

Behind Nigeria and some of the pioneering East African countries, South Africa has perhaps the largest population and fastest growth potential of the Superlife World company.

Although still in its infancy in many cities in SA, the number of Superlife MLM members and STC30 users in South Africa have grown rapidly in the last couple of months leading to a surge in demand for the product ahead of other countries in the region like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana and others.

As in many other countries though, the price of STC30 in South Africa tends to fluctuate across a range of values depending on many factors similar to those described earlier on for other countries.


STC30 Price In Zambia

The price of STC30 in Zambia Kwacha (ZMW or ZMK) falls between K857 to K1,120

This figure is based on our dollar conversions. However, on local online websites like Jumia, some sellers have been observed to offer promo prices of as low as K700 (excluding shipping) but this is not common and you must count yourself lucky if you can get such a deal.

Zambia is another fast growing hub for Superlife STC30 in the South African sub continent.


What is Superlife STC30 Price in UK?

The price of STC30 in the United Kingdom is between 50 Pounds to 65 Great Britain Pounds Sterling

In the UK, there are numerous health regulations and other restrictions that unfortunately seem to be impeding the growth of Superlife World and the adoption of Superlife STC30 supplement. This is mostly due to the notriously strict health-related laws and regulations of the European Union (laws some of whose usefulness is subject to debate).

Notwithstanding, buying, selling and using the supplement in the UK is not against the law as long as you obtain the necessary permissions (if any) from the relevant authorities for whichever actions you want to take in relation to the medicine – either buy, sell or use.


Superlife STC30 Price In Ghana

The price for STC30 in Ghana is between GH₵360 to GH₵470 per packet of 15 sachets

Ghana has the second largest and second fastest growing Superlife membership and usage community in West Africa. There has also been a great number of testimonies of improvements and healings with wonderful reviews coming from the country.

In Ghana, STC30 is approved by the FDA and can be obtained from online sellers and also Superlife World MLM members some of who also own brick and mortar stores or pharmacies. Recently, some herbal and traditional healers (the real ones, not the fake scam “healers”) have also started using STC30 either alone or in conjunction with other medications.

This slow but gradual adoption by the traditional healers has helped to drive the usage and popularity of STC30 in Ghana.


Superlife STC30 Price In India

The cost of STC30 in India falls between Rs 4,520 to Rs 5,900 per packet

India has probably the second fastest growing uptake of STC30 in the Asian continent, superceded only by Malaysia which has the advantage of being the home country of the Superlife company. Unofficial projections though show that India is set to overtake even Malaysia in growth of users within the next few months.

India’s greatest advantage in the growth of the Superlife company and usage of STC30 is its massive population compared to that of the origin country of Malaysia and almost all the other Asian countries.

Indians are always very industrious with lots of entrepreneurs and With this rapid growth and fast growing popularity of STC30 and Superlife World, many Indians are spotting the great opportunity presented by this supplement hence with each passing day more and more new places to buy STC30 pops up.

In addition to the members and distributors having physical locations, there are also a number of online malls and websites where you will be able to order for the STC30 product online in India and at a fairly competitive price.


Superlife STC30 Price In Malaysia

The cost of STC30 in Malaysia lies between RM263 to RM343 for a packet containing 15 sachets

Malaysia is the home country of Superlife World company, the original place of birth of the company that makes the STC30 supplement. Based on this home advantage, the STC30 price in Malaysian currency tends to be a little bit cheaper when compared to other countries. This is mostly due to a reduction in the cost of transporting, shipping or exporting to other countries as opposed to Malaysia where the product is being warehoused and possibly even made.

The figures given here though, are direct conversions from the USD global estimated price to the Malaysian Ringgit. You may find that actual prices in-country tend to gravitate towards the lower end of the scale, which means they may actually be cheaper than the figures listed above.

So the caveat here is to use our estimate as a guide only and prepare for any variations that may be observed in the actual price of STC30 in Malaysia.


Superlife Stc30 Price In Zimbabwe

The cost of STC30 in Zimbabwe is between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet of 15 sachets.

Zimbabwe is another fast growing market for Superlife STC30. It was one of the first African countries where the company started their operations and Zimbabwe has given us a large number of the testimonies available online at the moment.

Zimbabwe, unfortunately, has a rather unstable and precarious currency regime hence we think it best to stick to quoting the US dollar price of STC30 in Zimbabwe because USD is equally legal tender in Zimbabwe alongside the local currency.


Superlife STC30 Price USA

The cost of STC30 in the USA is between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet of 15 sachets

STC30 In the United States of America is still a rather new phenomenon and the community there is still in its fledgling state. A majority of the buyers in the USA heard about the supplement from friends and family living abroad.

While the STC30 is not officially recognized as a medicine or drug by the FDA, it is recognised and approved to be sold as a Health Supplement although it is not yet common to find it online. Most people who buy the drug tend to obtain it through word of mouth or individual person-to-person transactions.

However this situation is fast changing with the rising popularity of the supplement and its surprisingly wonderful effects. The popularity of STC30 is growing in the USA and this will affect the price by bringing it down because the artificial scarcity of the product due to its current low popularity drives the price towards the higher end of the scale in many cases.


Superlife STC30 Price In Uganda

The cost of STC30 in Uganda is between  232,405 USh to 303,100 USh per packet

Uganda is the second biggest market for STC30 in the eastern Africa region. It comes after Kenya and before Tanzania in the rankings. While there are a few outlets online that advertise the medicine for sale, it is far more common to get it from sellers and members of Superlife World.

One very common place to get STC30 at a good price in Uganda is the seminars and training events. If you have been invited or know anywhere it is holding or where members are congregating then that would be a nice place to obtain the supplement and if you have any questions you can also get them answered at the place.


Superlife Stc30 Price in Philippines

The price of STC30 in the Philippines falls in the range of ₱3,225 and ₱4,205 per packet.

Philippines is another large and fast growing market for STC30 and the prices you will find there are fair enough when compared to the global prices, although just like in many countries the price tends to fall within a range.


Stc30 Price In Bangladesh

The cost of STC30 in Bangladesh falls between Tk. 5,386 to Tk. 7,025 for a packet.

The figure above is an estimate. There is no fixed price of Superlife STC30 in Bangladesh, rather, the price varies according to the factors mentioned previously which is the individual preference of the seller and also sometimes the prevailing exchange rate and demand for the product. That is why the price is given as a range whereby it can fall on any given point along the range.


Superlife Stc30 Price in UAE

The cost of STC30 in the UAE is in the range of AED233 Dirham to AED303 Dirham per packet.

The presence of STC30 in the United Arab Emirates is still minimal mostly due to tight controls by the government. But Dubai is more flexible hence there are more members and higher demand for STC30 in Dubai than in other UAE countries/Emirates.

STC30 is usually sold by individual sellers both offline and online in the UAE and the price tends to be on the higher side due to the scarcity of the product.

STC30 Price in Canada (coming soon)

STC30 Price in Algeria (coming soon)


Summary of Superlife STC30 Prices in Various Currencies

How much does STC30 Cost in:

  • Nigeria (Naira): N23,000 to N30,000
  • Ghana (Cedis): From GH₵360 to GH₵470
  • South Africa (Rand): From 900 Rand to 1,175
  • Kenya (Kenya Shillings): From 6,385 KSh to 8,326 KSh Kenya Shillings
  • Zambia (Kwacha): From K857 to K1,120
  • Zimbabwe (USD): From US$63.45 and US$82.75
  • Uganda (Uganda Shillings): From 232,405 USh to 303,100 USh
  • Malaysia (Ringgit): From RM263 to RM343
  • UK (Pounds Sterling): From 50 Pounds to 65 Great Britain Pounds Sterling
  • USA (Dollar): From US$63.45 to US$82.75
  • India (Rupees): Rs 4,520 to Rs 5,900
  • Philippines (Peso): ₱3,225 to ₱4,205
  • Bangladesh (Taka): Tk. 5,386 to Tk. 7,025
  • France (Euro): 57 Euro to 75 Euro
  • UAE (Dirham): AED233 Dirham to AED303 Dirham

Note: The figures above are based on the conversion of the dollar cost of the product into the respective currency of the different countries listed. The figures vary according to the seller, the location and the current exchange rate. The figures above are correct as at the last update of this article (January 2020).


How to Buy Superlife STC30

Now that you have an estimate of the prices for STC30 in your country, you may be wondering how you can get this product to buy.

The ways to buy this product are either direct from the company (if you are a member) or direct from the seller (if you are not a member of if you have exceeded your membership quota. You can also get them to buy online because some sellers have put theirs up for sale on online e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, Amazon etc.


Where to Buy STC30?

In Nigeria

Contact the following seller: Where to Buy STC30 (Click Here)


In Other Countries

We are currently compiling a list of sellers and contacts in other countries so if you want to know where to buy in your country please leave a comment below.

Where to Buy STC30

Buying in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and you wish to buy or join Superlife STC30, click here for the whatsapp contact of a reliable seller and verified member endorsed by us. CLICK HERE

Buying Outside Nigeria

If you are not in Nigeria, you will need to locate a Superlife member in your country. We are currently compiling a list of members and sellers in other countries so let us know which country you are from in the comments below.


Price of STC30

The price of STC30 varies depending on the seller and the country. Click the following link for prices of STC30 in various countries around the world:STC30 price in Various Countries (Click Here)

Medical Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are for informationation purposes and do not constitute medical advice. Please consult a registered physician before taking action based on the information found on this webpage.

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