STC30 Healing Crisis: Signs and Possible Causes

STC30 Healing Crisis: Signs and Possible Causes

Some people who are already taking STC30 for their conditions have reported experiencing some signs and symptoms that make it seem that their condition is getting worse. Sometimes symptoms of past illnesses may also surface again. This experience is sometimes referred to as a Healing Crisis.

Eventually though, many people who experience healing crisis have also reported that after a few days or weeks they started feeling better again and their body system moved from seemingly getting worse to getting better. They experienced an improvement which eventually ended up as a total cure.

What is STC30 Healing Crisis?

STC30 Healing Crisis is a period of increased symptoms and signs that the body is not healthy. During the healing crisis, the illness or symptoms seem to become worse and it appears that your condition is getting worse instead of getting better.

It is usually caused by the intense detoxification and cleansing which the body undergoes in the first few days of taking STC30 and is usually a sign that the treatment is working and that the body is responding to this treatment.

Even though it does not happen to everybody, not experiencing it does not mean that the STC30 supplement is not working. It’s just that people experience it in varying degrees of severity while some people do not experience any crisis at all

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People respond differently to STC30 because human body systems are different for different people. Differences in response may also be because their bodies contain different levels of toxins and toxic chemicals. Also if your illness is a very chronic one, you may experience more severe healing crisis symptoms than someone whose disease is not a chronic one or not as chronic as yours.

Healing crises are not unique to Superlife STC30 supplement. Many other treatments, especially those based on natural methods and supplements usually cause some form of healing crisis or other.

Before proceeding to explain in detail everything you need to know about the Healing crisis of STC30, the important thing to emphasize is that the Healing Crisis is a good sign. Even though the experience itself may not be a pleasant one, you just have to bear because sometimes in life things must get worse before they become better and that is exactly the case here.

So it is nothing to be worried about as long as the crisis does not exceed a month or a month and half in duration after which you must consider discontinuing the supplement or taking a break of some days.


What Causes the STC30 Healing Crisis?

To understand the cause of STC30 healing crisis, we need to first understand how STC30 works to treat and cure diseases and then it will become clear why the crisis occurs and why it is a good thing.

What Causes Disease?
The root of most diseases in the body can be traced to the presence or accumulation of poisonous (or toxic) chemicals in the body, most especially a particular group of harmful chemicals known as toxins or endotoxins.

Toxins are poisonous chemicals that are produced or retained in the body. They usually cause disease when they interact with or get absorbed by cells, organs and tissues inside the body.

Toxins and other toxic chemicals come from various sources. They can either come from external sources like disease carrying insects and animals or they can come in as chemicals in processed food, water and other edibles. Some toxins are also produced and even used by the body for certain functions but they are not meant to remain in the body.

Toxic substances which may lead to health problems are usually also produced when the body fights diseases using its natural immunity. These toxic substances come about from the dead disease cells which are normally supposed to be removed from the body through excretion. Toxins are also released when disease causing micro-organisms are destroyed by white blood cells and medications.

When toxins and other toxic compounds are present in large enough quantity in the body, the person begins to experience the signs and symptoms of sickness and disease. The particular symptoms and disease experienced depends on the type and quantity of toxins and toxic chemicals present in the body.


How STC30 Works

In reality, STC30 does not treat diseases directly. It is not meant to target any specific disease in particular. Instead, STC30 works against the toxins and other toxic substances in the body which are the cause of most diseases. What happens when you take STC30 is that it helps the body to produce the compounds that act against the toxins to remove them from the body. STC30 also encourages the production of new healthy cells and tissue to replace the dead and diseased ones.

This removal of toxins and toxic compounds is known as detoxification and it usually leads to an improvement or cure of the disease after some weeks or months of continuous usage of STC30. This improvement is as a result of the drastic reduction or elimination of the toxins that caused the disease in the first place.

In the first few days of taking STC30, the body works very hard to fight off the toxins so this naturally has an effect on the body because it is almost overwhelmed with the effort especially if the toxin level is high (in other words if the disease is very serious or chronic).

It also cleanses and purges the body of harmful and poisonous substances which have accumulated in the body over the years.

Also when harmful microorganisms are destroyed by the body, more toxins are released in the process so the more micro-organisms that are destroyed during the healing process, the more severe the crisis symptoms that will be experienced. The toxin level will increase and eventually peak and then start to decline as the body catches up with the toxins and is able to overcome them.

To summarize this section, the healing crisis experienced in the first few days or weeks of taking STC30 is usually due to:

  1. The body’s increased level of detoxification which puts more strain on the body and
  2. Increased destruction of harmful micro-organisms which leads to a temporary increase in the level of toxins



Signs and Symptoms of STC30 Healing Crisis and their Possible Meanings

Crisis Symptom: Lethargy, Sleepiness: Lethargy is a state where the body experiences lack of energy and enthusiasm to do things. It is usually also accompanied by sleepiness or lack of willpower.
Possible reasons: Acidic body, Poor liver function, body over exhausted (need more rest)

Crisis Symptom: Can’t Sleep, feel excited
Possible reasons: Automatic Alexia imbalance

Crisis Symptom: Dry throat, lots of dreams, stomach ache
Possible reasons: Low leukocytes. Leukocytes (or leucocytes) are also known as white blood cells and they are the primary agent that the body uses to fight diseases and toxins. When the patient who has low levels in their body takes STC30, they may experience the symptoms above.

Crisis Symptom: Headache, heavy headed
Possible reasons: High blood pressure, Also a sign of detoxification

Crisis Symptom: Slight nose bleeding:
Possible reasons: Low blood pressure, Anemia

Crisis Symptom: Fever, slight fever, restlessness:
Possible reasons: Increased metabolism, Immune function is being stimulated

Crisis Symptom: Diarrhoea, Increased bowel movement, passing out dark, smelly stool, foul-smelling urine:
Possible reasons: Sign of detoxification, accumulated waste and residue in the colon

Crisis Symptom: Flatulence, gassy stomach:
Possible reasons: Gastric related

Crisis Symptom: Nausea, constipation, hiccups:
Possible reasons: Poor digestive system, liver problem

Crisis Symptom: Rashes, breakouts, itchy skin, bad sweat, mucus secretion, dandruff:
Possible reasons: Poor liver function, poor colon health, detoxification

Crisis Symptom: Vomit, itchiness and rashes:
Possible reason: Liver disorder

Crisis Symptom: Mucus production such as phlegm, runny nose:
Possible reasons: Poor lung function. Also a sign of detoxification.

Crisis Symptom: Dry throat, drowsy, mucus:
Possible reason: Asthma

Crisis Symptom: Aches and pain in Muscles and joints
Possible reasons: Acidic body, toxins accumulated in affected area

Crisis Symptom: Increased pain in affected part of the body:
Possible reasons: Speed up of healing process, Rheumatism

Crisis Symptom: Pain in an ulcer area:
Possible reason: Stomach ulcer

Crisis Symptom: Insomnia (unable to sleep) or hyperactivity:
Possible reason: Poor nervous system

Crisis Symptom: Irregular period, Changes in period, itchy bottom, increased mucus secretion:
Possible reasons: Hormonal imbalance, body is in the process of hormone regulation

Crisis Symptom: Bleeding with bowel movements:
Possible reasons: Pile, hard liver

Crisis Symptom: Dizziness, hunger:
Possible reasons: Hypertension, hypoglycemia, anemia

Crisis Symptom: Slight edema, swelling:
Possible reason: Kidney problems

Crisis Symptom: Releasing sugar in the urine, water retention in limbs:
Possible reason: Diabetes

Crisis Symptom: Skin itch increases but disappears 2 to 3 days later:
Possible reason: This can be due to an allergic reaction so Reduce dosage or stop the supplement for a few days

Other common crisis signs and symptoms include hot and cold flushes, night sweats, nausea and (very rarely) vomiting.

Superlife STC30 Healing crisis symptoms also overlap with the side effects of taking the supplement and the two go hand in hand because they often stem from similar causes.


How to Cope With Superlife STC30 Healing Crisis

By now it should be clear that the STC30 healing crisis is not a bad thing so it is not something to be afraid of because it does not mean that the treatment is making the disease worse. As mentioned earlier (and worth repeating), the healing crisis is a sign that the body is doing more work to rid you of toxins and after a while you will begin to feel better and soon your sickness will be gone.

When going through a healing crisis however, it is common for the patient to experience feelings of sadness, depression and loss of hope because they begin to question the efficacy of the drug and to wonder if their case is getting better or worse.

Such feelings are psychological and are usually very common in people who have had their disease for years with no cure and who view STC30 as their last hope.

For such people, physical therapies may help but the most effective therapy is convincing yourself that what you are experiencing is a good thing and not a bad thing. Remind yourself that in life, it is usually a case of “no pain, no gain” meaning you must go through pain or sacrifice in order to get what you want. So try to see the healing crisis as the sacrifice you have to make in order to be cured of your ailment.

In addition to the psychological feelings, the physical effects and symptoms can also be quite discouraging, disconcerting and even outright painful in certain cases.

In cases where the symptoms become severe and extreme, you are advised to reduce the STC30 dosage or stop taking it for a few days to give the body some time to balance itself and adjust to the new medication.

Here are some things you can also do to make the crisis more bearable and possibly decrease the severity of the symptoms.

Try these strategies to help feel better during a healing crisis:

Sleep more: Sleeping is a natural process where the body shuts down almost totally to focus on healing and rebuilding. Sleeping for long hours during treatment allows the body to channel all its efforts and energy into fighting the disease since during sleep very little energy is required for other activities. When experiencing a healing crisis, try to sleep for a total of 10 to 12 hours or more in a day and take every opportunity you can to take breaks from strenuous and tasking activities and just sit or lay down to rest or sleep.

Drink lots of water: Water is a natural cleanser for the body and it helps it to flush out toxins and harmful waste. The more water you take in, the better the body can dissolve and flush out toxins. When taking STC30, it is necessary to take lots of water all through the day. Although this may lead to increased urination or sweating, it also ensures that the body is able to get rid of more toxins through sweat and urination. Half a cup of water every 30 minutes or one full cup every hour can go a long way in helping the body get rid of toxins and mitigating the effects of the healing crisis.

Consume Bitter Herbs: Bitter herbs like ginger, milk thistle, cilantro and even artichoke help reduce blood sugar levels and fight inflammation. Such herbs cleanse the digestive tract, stimulate the gall bladder, maintain kidney function and improve detoxification pathways in the blood. Bitter grapes can also help too.

Consume Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): The immune system plays a crucial role in the healing process and it can receive a significant boost from certain chemicals known as antioxidants and polyphenols. Lemons and ACV are rich in these substances and consuming more of them can help in empowering the body to overcome toxins faster, hence decreasing the severity and duration of the healing crisis.

Take more Probiotics and sulphur containing foods: Probiotics are beneficial micro organisms which include certain kinds of bacteria. These probiotics provide lots of benefits to the body especially in the area of stomach and gut health, improved digestive, heart and brain condition and stronger immunity to certain toxins. Sulphur also performs similar functions in the body. The most popular probiotic foods include dairy products and fermented products like Yogurt, sauerkraut, cheddar cheese, uncultured buttermilk and a couple more (see here), Sulphur containing foods include milk, fish, egg, meat and a couple of others (see here)

Drink Bone or Vegetable Broth: You can learn more about the importance of bone broth and how to make bone broth here and for vegetable broth you can get the details here.

Take STC30 regularly once every few months to stay healthy: It is advisable that even when you are not ill or when you have been cured, you can continue to stay healthy by taking a 30-day dose of STC30 once every few months. So for example, to stay healthy and ensure that your toxin levels are kept low, you may take STC30 full dosage in January and then again in April and then in July, then October i.e once every quarter or every three months.

It is worthy to note that someone taking STC30 for the first time or who is already having a disease may experience a more severe healing crisis than someone who does regular detoxification using STC30 at least 3 or 4 times in a year because the person with disease will have a much higher level of toxins and toxic substances than someone who regularly takes it every few months.


Frequent Questions on STC30 and the Healing Crisis

Here are a few more common questions people have asked concerning STC30 and its Healing Crisis:

Q: How long does STC30 healing crisis last?
The length of the STC30 healing crisis is not fixed because it depends on the individual’s body system and how serious or chronic the disease is. For less severe cases or where the patient has a high level of immunity, the crisis may last for only a few days (less than a week). But where the condition is severe or the individual has a weak immune system then the crisis may last a few weeks or more. Generally the more severe the condition the longer the crisis lasts.

Q: I did not experience any healing crisis, does it mean that the supplement is not working?
Not everybody experiences the healing crisis. You did not experience it does not mean that  the treatment is not working.

Q: My healing crisis has lasted for weeks, is this safe?
In the event that the symptoms become extreme or unbearable, or if they last for more than six weeks then please stop taking the supplement for a few days and see if the symptoms will stop. If they continue then consider discontinuing the supplement and seeing a doctor instead. For example, there are some cases where some people experience extended menstruation lasting for almost two weeks. This is often the case where there is an imbalance of hormones and the advice here is to stop for a few days and continue again when the menstruation normalizes.

Q: How Much is Superlife STC30?
Although the company sells the supplement at a fixed wholesale price, only their members can buy it directly from them and then resell to others on retail. The retail cost varies depending on the seller and the country. For a list of the prices of STC30 in various countries, click here.

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