STC30 Healing Crisis

Today I shall be talking about the STC30 healing crisis which is experienced by some people who are taking the STC30 supplement for the very first time.

For people taking natural medications, It is a common experience that you become worse before you feel better during the process of treatment. Sometimes symptoms can get worse before they begin to disappear.

This occurrence is known as the healing crisis and it’s not something to be scared about. In fact the healing crisis is a good thing because it indicates that the treatment is actually working to fight the root cause of the disease.

Most diseases are caused by poisonous and harmful chemical substances known as toxins that are introduced into the body from other sources like disease vectors and poisonous animals.

Toxins are harmful substances that can cause diseases when they come in contact with healthy cells. Some micro organisms living in the body like bacteria also produce toxins both when they are alive and also when they die or are destroyed.

STC30 supplement is so effective at making diseases go away because it activates the body and helps it to get rid of toxins in a process known as detoxification. This detoxification process leads to less toxins in the body. This usually leads to successful treatment and recovery from the illness.

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The more toxins in the body, the more extreme the stc30 healing crisis will be. As healing begins, many systems within the body work collectively to dispose of the waste products and toxins and can be stressed and overwhelmed during the process.

Stc30 healing crisis may also bring up past issues and remnants of previous diseases that have been present in an inactive state inside your body for a long time. When such happens, signs of those old diseases may re-manifest. But worry not because they are usually gone after a few days or weeks and are also a sign that your body is being healed.

Some people may feel anxiety or stress or little depression during the healing crisis because their mind may be telling them that the medicine is making the sickness worse instead of better.

If you experience such, try to tell yourself that what you are experiencing is the stc30 healing crisis and not that the sickness is getting worse. Remind yourself that sometimes you need to go through a tough challenge before reaping the benefits.

Try to read this very detailed article on stc30 to learn more about what is happening to your body and encourage yourself not to give up or not to feel bad.

Stc30 healing crisis is no doubt good even though the experience can make you feel bad.This is however the sign that the process of healing chosen is working accurately by eliminating the toxins, impurities and imbalances from the body.

The stc30 healing crisis lets you know that you are on the right path to getting back your health.

The duration of the crisis varies from person to person and it depends on the severity of the condition, the level of toxins and toxicity in the person’s body and the person’s immune system and general body chemical make-up.

For someone with a mild disease condition or strong immune system, the healing crisis may last only a few days but for very serious diseases and severe conditions, the crisis may last a few weeks. However if you experience a healing crisis for up to one month, reduce dosage or stop taking for a few days and then you can continue again.

But if you encounter extreme or unbearable symptoms then please stop taking the medication and try to see a doctor.


Superlife STC30 Healing Crisis Symptoms and Meanings

Crisis Symptom: Lethargy, Sleepiness: Lethargy is a state where the body experiences lack of energy and enthusiasm to do things. It is usually also accompanied by sleepiness or lack of willpower.
Possible reasons: Acidic body, Poor liver function, body over exhausted (need more rest)

Crisis Symptom: Can’t Sleep, feel excited
Possible reasons: Automatic Alexia imbalance

Crisis Symptom: Dry throat, lots of dreams, stomach ache
Possible reasons: Low leucocytes. Leucocytes are also known as white blood cells and they are the primary agent that the body uses to fight diseases and toxins. When the patient who has low levels in their body takes STC30, they may experience the symptoms above.

Crisis Symptom: Headache, heavy headed
Possible reasons: High blood pressure, Also a sign of detoxification

Crisis Symptom: Slight nose bleeding:
Possible reasons: Low blood pressure, Anemia

Crisis Symptom: Fever, slight fever, restlessness:
Possible reasons: Increased metabolism, Immune function is being stimulated

Crisis Symptom: Diarrhoea, Increased bowel movement, passing out dark, smelly stool, foul-smelling urine:
Possible reasons: Sign of detoxification, accumulated waste and residue in the colon

Crisis Symptom: Flatulence, gassy stomach:
Possible reasons: Gastric related

Crisis Symptom: Nausea, constipation, hiccups:
Possible reasons: Poor digestive system, liver problem

Crisis Symptom: Rashes, breakouts, itchy skin, bad sweat, mucus secretion, dandruff:
Possible reasons: Poor liver function, poor colon health, detoxification

Crisis Symptom: Vomit, itchiness and rashes:
Possible reason: Liver disorder

Crisis Symptom: Mucus production such as phlegm, runny nose:
Possible reasons: Poor lung function. Also a sign of detoxification.

Crisis Symptom: Dry throat, drowsy, mucus:
Possible reason: Asthma

Crisis Symptom: Aches and pain in Muscles and joints
Possible reasons: Acidic body, toxins accumulated in affected area

Crisis Symptom: Increased pain in affected part of the body:
Possible reasons: Speed up of healing process, Rheumatism

Crisis Symptom: Pain in an ulcer area:
Possible reason: Stomach ulcer

Crisis Symptom: Insomnia (unable to sleep) or hyperactivity:
Possible reason: Poor nervous system

Crisis Symptom: Irregular period, Changes in period, itchy bottom, increased mucus secretion:
Possible reasons: Hormonal imbalance, body is in the process of hormone regulation

Crisis Symptom: Bleeding with bowel movements:
Possible reasons: Pile, hard liver

Crisis Symptom: Dizziness, hunger:
Possible reasons: Hypertension, hypoglycemia, anemia

Crisis Symptom: Slight edema, swelling:
Possible reason: Kidney problems

Crisis Symptom: Releasing sugar in the urine, water retention in limbs:
Possible reason: Diabetes

Crisis Symptom: Skin itch increases but disappears 2 to 3 days later:
Possible reason: This can be due to an allergic reaction so Reduce dosage or stop the supplement for a few days


Other common crisis signs and symptoms include Hot and cold flushes, nights sweats, nausea and (very rarely) vomiting.

Superlife STC30 Healing crisis symptoms also overlap with the side effects of taking the supplement (link) and the two go hand in hand because they often stem from similar causes.


Handling and Coping With Stc30 healing crisis

For some people it can be a challenge when they are going through the healing crisis because for some types of diseases, the healing crisis symptoms can be quite destabilizing or even painful.

  • Get Adequate Sleep – when body is fighting an illness, try sleeping 10-12 hours daily.
  • Consume Bitter Herbs – Bitter herbs like ginger, milk thistle, cilantro and even artichoke help reduce blood sugar levels and fight inflammation.
  • Take Lemons and apple cider vinegar, they are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and boost immune system and kills microbes that inhabit the digestive tract.
  • Try to take probiotic and sulphur containing foods.
  • Take 2-4 oz. of water every 15 minutes. It is a great way to heal, Water helps to eliminate toxic waste and substances.
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Medical Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are for informationation purposes and do not constitute medical advice. Please consult a registered physician before taking action based on the information found on this webpage.

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